The Journal of Service Research (JSR) is searching for a new Editor-in-Chief (EIC), with a four-year term to begin in Summer 2021. JSR is the world’s top-cited service research journal, and has, on occasion, been among the five top-cited journals in all of business. The Journal of Service Research is open to all research methodologies, and offers an international and multidisciplinary perspective on the best management practices in:
– Service marketing
– Service operations
– Service human resources 
– Artificial intelligence and robotics in service
– e-Service 
– Economics of service 
– Health care service
– Service information systems 
– Customer satisfaction and service quality 
– Global issues in service

Founded by Roland Rust in 1998, JSR is published quarterly by Sage Publications, and sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Service at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. 

The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for all editorial aspects of the journal, including selecting the editorial board, establishing editorial policy, coordinating with the publisher, and acting as an ambassador for the journal. We anticipate that the new EIC will appoint a team of Co-Editors, diverse with respect to gender, geography, ethnic background, and foundational research area. We do not expect candidates for EIC to have those people lined up ahead of time, especially because other candidates for EIC may also be top choices for Co-Editor. We welcome nominations of other candidates, and also self-nominations. All nominated candidates will be notified, to verify their interest. 

The decision on the new EIC will be made by a committee consisting of Rod Brodie (U. of Auckland), Roland Rust (U. of Maryland), Steve Shugan (U. of Florida), and Jim Spohrer (IBM). 
Please send your nominations to Roland Rust by July 15, 2020. 

For more information about the Editor job at JSR, we encourage potential candidates to talk to previous Editors, Mike Brady, Mary Jo Bitner, Parsu Parasuraman, Kay Lemon, and Roland Rust. We hope to select the new EIC by Fall, so the new EIC has time to assemble his/her editorial team. For questions about the selection process, please contact Roland Rust
More information about JSR here.