Part of the mission of SERVSIG is to welcome young scholars into our community, to empower and enable them to be their best, and to make their lives more meaningful. In that context, SERVSIG is starting a mentoring matching service! 

The purpose of this service is to connect pairs and networks of services scholars (broadly defined) who can benefit from one another. SERVSIG welcomes scholars who wish to be part of this service. We need mentors and mentees to make this work!

Mentors will be expected to provide formal and informal support, advice, and feedback to mentees. Mentees will be expected to identify specific issues that they are experiencing to discuss with their mentor. 

If you wish to be a part of the mentor/mentee matching service at SERVSIG, do not hesitate to contact Andrew Gallan, SERVSIG Mentorship Officer.

SERVSIG Mentorship Panel Discussion: Meet the editors of Top Services Journals!
Virtual discussion to learn more about each top services journal, tips on crafting a high-impact manuscript, and how to improve on reviewing skills.
Date: February 7th, 2023, 4-5pm ET in the US (NY)