5th Global Conference on Creating Value
Kanazawa, Japan
2-4 September 2022

Deadline: 15 May 2022

This year the 5th Global Conference on Creating Value is at Kanazawa, Japan between September 2 and 4, 2022.
The Creating Value Conference is for business leaders and academics to assess and co-create how to build ‘value’ in a turbulent 21st century global economy. The Creating Value Alliance is an international movement to increase our understanding of the concept of value and, moreover, to find and promote ways of creating value consciously and more abundantly (and destroy less value). This, in turn, will allow us to operate more effectively, to build social value and to thrive and be ready for the challenges of a constantly changing and disruptive world (Gautam Mahajan). The Creating Value Conference takes place in a different place every year and this year we are honored to announce that the conference will be co-hosted by Creating Value Alliance and Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Conference theme: “Value creation perspectives (post-crisis)”
– Creating value in Business
– Creating value through AI and digitalization
– Creating value in Society

Keynote Speakers:
– Kan Hiroshi Suzuki (Tokyo University / Keio University, Japan)
– Steve Vargo (University of Hawaii, USA)
– Ken Kutaragi (Ascent Robotics / Cyber AI Entertainment / Kindai University, Japan)
– Philip Kotler (Kellogg School of Management, Florida)
– Jim Spohrer (IBM Research, California)
– Robert E. Quinn (University of Michigan, USA)

More info: creatingvalueconference.org