Call for Papers for a Special Issue of the Sinergie Italian Journal of Management.

Service-Mix: New Channels and Consumption Patterns in Services.

Guest Editors: Luceri B., Martinelli E., & Gázquez-Abad J.C.

Deadline: 1 March 2022.

This special issue is devoted to foster the academic knowledge on the way in which businesses operating in the service industries are innovating, re-shaping and revising their service-mix in order to respond to the new challenges of a dynamic and increasingly uncertain competitive context. Papers dealing with emerging themes related to servitization, to the provision and use of existing and provisional services as well as to the planning, design and offer of services to individuals and businesses according to the management perspective and to the issues posed by the current pandemic are welcomed. Studies on new customers’ service needs and wants are greeted too.

The aim of this special issue is to identify, understand, and address how new consumption patterns and the emergence of new channels are leading businesses to revise the service-mix, considering the implications for the management of resources. This special issue is particularly devoted to studies on service industries such as retailing, hospitality, tourism, health, leisure, culture, transport and professional services sectors – among others.

Suggested topics are the following:
– Innovative and revised channels in the service industries
– Planning, design and offer of an augmented service-mix for individuals and businesses.
– Service and social innovation
– E-commerce, digitalization in service industries and digital service and multi-sided platforms
– The use of interactive technologies, Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the service industries
– Connectivity and social media opportunities for delivering a better customer’s service
– Responding to the new customers’ service needs and wants
– Marketing strategies for delivering a better service-mix
– The effect of the covid-19 pandemic on designing, offering and channelling services
– The effect of the covid-19 pandemic on service consumption patterns
– Sharing economy and co-creation in the service setting

This special issue welcomes qualitative, quantitative and mixed approaches, strongly supported by management literature.

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