ENTER2022 Conference
Preparing for Travel’s Return. The New Future of e-Tourism.
11-14 January, 2022
Nankai University, Tianjin, China

Deadline: 15 August 2021

The ENTER Conference is an annual event of the International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism (IFITT) community. The conference offers a worldwide and unique forum for attendees from industry, academia, government, and other organisations to actively exchange, share, and challenge state-of-the-art research and industrial case studies on the application of information and communication technologies in travel and tourism.


The ENTER22 Conference will be held 11-14 January 2022 at Nankai University in Tianjin, China. Provisionally, the format for the ENTER22 Conference will be online but could change to blended mode subject to the policy restriction in China, meaning delegates from around the world will have the choice of attending online, or, if possible, to attend the conference physically at Nankai University.

2022 will mark the 29th ENTER Conference organized by the IFITT, and in recognition of the expanding global IFITT community, the Conference is for the first time ever being held in China and hosted by Nankai University. Nankai University is located in Tianjin, one of the four municipalities of China. It is one of the earliest universities in China to offer undergraduate majors in tourism. ENTER22 will offer unique and exciting opportunities for the IFITT community to connect and engage in new conversations about IT development and research in e-Tourism.

The IFITT invites submissions of cutting-edge research and the latest case studies on emergent and innovative ICT concepts, applications, and business models to be shared at the ENTER22 e-Tourism Conference. The conference, with the theme “Preparing for travel’s return – the new future of e-Tourism”, will focus on the role of information technology in addressing the new challenges and opportunities for the tourism industry introduced by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

ENTER Proceedings

IFITT is dedicated to increasing the visibility of e-Tourism research. Therefore, at no additional cost to authors, all Short and Full Papers accepted for presentation at the ENTER22 Conference will be included as part of the Open Access (OA) Proceedings published by Springer International. This means that upon publication, all conference papers will be immediately and freely accessible by anyone with an internet connection. Currently, due to its high impact, the ENTER Proceedings is ranked among the top 20 academic journals in the world in tourism and hospitality according to Google Scholar. Since its publication in January 2021, the ENTER21 e-Tourism Conference Proceedings has already received more than a quarter million downloads.

Submissions are invited for the following formats:
Full Papers: Up to 12 pages. Submission deadline: 15 August 2021
Short Papers: Up to 5 pages. Submission deadline: 15 August 2021.
Ph.D. Workshop Proposals: Up to 5 pages. Submission deadline: 15 September 2021.
ENTERXchange Presentations: Up to 5-minute video recording. Submission deadline: 17 October 2021.
Special sessions proposals. Submission deadline: 31 May 2021

Key Topics

While submissions of any research related to IT and Travel & Tourism are welcome, the ENTER22 Conference will place special emphasis on the following topic areas:

Governance, Sustainability and Tourism
– ICT for Regional Development and Sustainability
– Advanced Distribution Systems and Strategies, Dynamic Packaging
– ICT-enabled Partnership and Collaboration
– E-Government and Public Policy in Tourism
– Digital Transformation of Tourist Businesses and Workplace
– Digital Divide and Socio-economic Development
– Privacy and Internet Security
– Legal, Ethical and Social Aspects of ICT
e-Tourism: Theories, Methods, Studies
– Tourism as a Complex System
– Mobility and the Spatial Interactions of Tourists
– Tourist Demand and Supply
– Analytics and Measurement in e-Tourism
– Consumer Behaviour and Decision-making in Digital Space
– ICT for Innovation and Service Design
– E-strategy and eBusiness Models
– Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies
– Digital Distribution and Social Selling
– ICT and Tourism Experience
Humanities, Education, Society and Tourism
– Cultures, Culture Production and Tourism
– Learning analytics and Tourism
– Values, Ethics and Tourism
– Society and Tourism
– E-Learning, Life-long Learning and MOOCs
– Open innovation: Co-design and Tourism
Physical, Digital or Hybrid Tourism
– Game and Gamification-based Solutions and Tourism
– Augmented, Virtual or Mixed Reality and Tourism
– Smart Things, Smart Ambients or Smart Cities and Tourism
– Internet of Things (IoT) and Tourism
– Tangible Design and Tourism
– Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Computing and Tourism
– Robotics and Automation in Travel and Hospitality
– Smart Destinations
– Location-based Services and Context-Aware Systems
Artificial Intelligence and Tourism
– AI technologies or Tools for Travel and Tourism
– Travel Information Search and Retrieval
– Agent-based Systems or Multi-agent Systems and Tourism
– Data/Process Analysis, Modelling or Visualisation and Tourism
– Opinion and Concept Mining, Sentiment Analysis and Tourism
– Recommendation, Personalisation and Adaptation and Tourism
– User Modeling, Decision Making and Tourism
– Semantic Web, Tourism Ontologies and Linked Open Data
– Travel Chatbots
– Fairness, Transparency and Responsibility in Algorithms

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