Call for Paper for a Special Issue of the Journal of Service Managementtied to QUIS17.

Re-imagining Service for a World Never Imagined

Guest Editors: L. Bove, S. Choi, & C. King

Deadline (abstract): 30 June 2021
Deadline (full paper): 15 October 2021

2020 has been a year of turbulence with pandemic, political upheaval, protests and natural disasters changing our world, leaving no one unaffected. Service had to adapt in response to new laws, regulations, and contexts, as well as altered consumer behaviors and needs. Glaringly are the stark contrasts between affluent consumers who look to service to give meaning to their lives and vulnerable consumers who seek service to survive. Some service providers have seized the challenges and created new opportunities, others have been forced to change in order to exist, yet others have simply given up. But it has not only been the service offering that has had to change, front-line staff have had to take on new roles, and accept fewer resources to enable them to deliver on the promised value proposition. They have also had to manage their own anxiety as they facilitate value co-creation with stressed, confused, frustrated, fatigued and sick customers.

In light of the above, the Journal of Service Management calls for papers that address any aspect of the recent changes and their implications for actors in the service ecosystem. In particular, in keeping with the theme of QUIS17, this special issue will focus on how service has or could be reimagined in response to the current climate.  Topics may include but are not limited to:
•    Existing service businesses and start-ups that have capitalized on the challenges and developed new markets or improved (or modified) their service
•    Consumer psychology and behavioral changes in response to recent turbulences, leading to new opportunities and challenges to service businesses 
•    Changes in the relationship and dynamics between countries that affect service business practices in areas such as supply and demand management.
•    How service is changing in the face of social and racial inequality brought to the forefront of the political landscape
•    The intersection of the public and private sectors to enhance service delivery necessary for the wellbeing of the community 
•    Changing consumer lifestyles, leading to a dramatic reconfiguration of service businesses (e.g., how the forced consumer adoption of online format of working, studying, buying, etc, influences the brick and mortar aspects of companies, universities and retailers, etc.)
•    New ways of using AI and machines for surveillance, social credit ratings, etc
•    Application of new technologies to facilitate the service experience
•    New scripts for front-line employees 
•    Workplace redesign as service organizations reimagine their employment value proposition and relationship with their workforce
•    Emerging trends in power and politics that impact service use 

Paper requirements:
•    Conceptual or empirical papers are welcome.
•    All manuscripts need to be underpinned by theory.
•    The word count is 3,000 to 4,000 words excluding references. This can be achieved with the sensible use of tables and diagrams.
•    When preparing your manuscript, please follow the formatting guidelines as outlined by JoSM.

Selection Process:
As this special issue is directly tied to the QUIS17 conference only submissions to the conference will be included. Initial screening of extended abstracts for consideration to full papers will be undertaken by the guest editors in conjunction with the journal editor. Full papers will undergo the standard double-blind review process.

All queries for this special issue can be directed to the guest editors: Liliana Bove, Sunmee Choi, or Ceridwyn King.

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