Roland Rust & Ming-Hui Huang are pleased to announce the publication of their new book, The Feeling Economy: How Artificial Intelligence is Creating the Era of Empathy.  It is published by Springer International Publishing and is available on

Artificial intelligence (AI) is profoundly changing our world, in ways that are not yet well-understood, because of the implicit (and wrong) assumption that all AI is about thinking intelligence.  If we realize that there are multiple intelligences, of differing difficulty for AI, and that this is what drives the order of AI development, then we start to understand how this will change the balance between AI and HI (human intelligence).  What AI has done so far is only a taste of what is to come.  As AI advances further, this will change everything.  It is already changing the world in predictable and measurable ways.  The advance of thinking AI will usher in a Feeling Economy in which AI does much of the thinking, and humans need to scramble to do whatever they are still better at, which is tasks that involve feeling intelligence and interpersonal relationships.  This will turn just about everything upside down, including the educational system.  Our book is intended to help us understand these changes.

At the time of this writing, we are in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic.  Public health scientists warn that such pandemics are likely to become more numerous, due to human encroachment of the natural world, increased global travel, and crowded cities that facilitate the spread of such viruses.  The response to all of this is likely to lead to an increased use of AI by everyone, for health and for personal reasons.  This implies that the development of AI, together with pandemics, are likely to accelerate the coming of the Feeling Economy. We have even stronger need for empathy to help support each other in difficult times, and we need to be even more empathetic with each other. The current health crisis only strengthens our prediction: AI is creating the era of empathy; thus, the Feeling Economy is coming