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The Future of Services in the Heart of Europe

Today’s service marketing world is alive with new ideas and trends. Mobile, location-based services are claiming their role in the overall customer experience. Organizations are transforming into service platforms where empowered consumers exchange recommendations and celebrate achievements. Moreover, access to services (such as movies via Netflix) is eclipsing the need to own products.

SERVSIG 2016 ( will give researchers a chance to explore these new and emerging trends in services marketing. We provide the opportunity to meet with peers and exchange ideas to ensure that our work has impact.

The Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE), triple crown accredited, welcomes you to this vibrant discussion. SBE’s Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management has a strong history in services marketing and a broad portfolio of academics conducting top-level research. In 2010 the Service Science Factory was launched to help organizations differentiate themselves through innovative services. Maastricht is situated in the heart of Europe, easily accessible by plane and train. SERVSIG 2016 ( will provide opportunities for conference participants to explore and enjoy this ancient city and its surrounds, with dinners and tours in picturesque locations.

Please join us for what will be a dynamic, innovative, and fun conference. Feel free to share this call for papers with colleagues or any others than might be interested in attending SERVSIG 2016 in Maastricht.


On behalf of the conference committee,

Prof. Dr. Martin Wetzels


Submission Procedure

SERVSIG 2016 welcomes submissions in the form of papers, posters, and ideas for special sessions. Your innovative content should be submitted using the SERVSIG 2016 online system ( Click on “Online Submission” within the Submission header to submit your work. The deadline for submissions is: November 15th, 2015. All submissions will be reviewed via a double-blind process. Authors will be informed by email before January 31st, 2016. Extended abstracts (1500 words) will be published for accepted papers and shorter 500-word abstracts will be published for accepted posters within the SERVSIG 2016 conference materials. For more details, see the Guidelines below.


Awards will be presented for the “Best Paper,” the “Best Poster” and the “Best Work based on a Doctoral Dissertation” (paper or poster) at SERVSIG 2016.

Submission Formats

SERVSIG 2016 invites the submission of materials in the following formats:

  1. Papers: Interested authors should submit an extended abstract about their research not exceeding 1500 words. The abstract should outline the relevance of the phenomenon being studied, potential contributions to the field, the research question(s), theoretical foundations, conceptual framework, methodology, findings, discussion, and conclusion.
  2. Posters: Interested authors should submit an abstract, not exceeding 500 words, about their poster. The abstract should introduce the phenomenon, its theoretical foundations, the methodology and findings, and discussion and conclusion.
  3. Special Sessions: Interested presenters should prepare a proposal for a special session, not to exceed 500 words. Special sessions are designed to generate a focused discussion of a relevant and novel topic. The format can be a traditional session, but other innovative and interactive formats are especially welcome. The proposal submission should specify the topic and format of the special session and should designate a special session chair. Special session papers (or any other relevant materials) will be included in the SERVSIG 2016 conference materials.

Formatting: All contributions must be double-spaced Microsoft Word documents using ARIAL 12-point font.

Conference Themes

SERVSIG 2016 welcomes papers, posters and proposals for special sessions within the following conference themes:

  • Big Data Enabled Services
  • Branding and Service Communications
  • Business-to-Business Services
  • Consumer (Mis)Behavior in Services
  • Customer Experience in Services
  • Digital Services and Social Media
  • Internationalization in Services
  • Mobile Services
  • New Analytical Approaches in Service Research
  • Public and Non-Profit Services
  • Service Design and Service Innovation
  • Service Dominant Logic
  • Service Networks and Systems
  • Service Operations Management and Supply Chains
  • Service Productivity
  • Service Recovery and Complaint Management
  • Service Relationships
  • Servicescapes and Service Environments
  • Sports Services
  • Sustainability in Services
  • Tourism Services
  • Transformative and Health Services

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. We are open to any submission exploring new and emerging trends in services marketing.


Submission of (substantially) overlapping papers, posters and special session proposals to SERVSIG 2016 is not permitted.

At least one of the authors of a paper, poster or special session should register for SERVSIG 2016. Registration will open on: February 1st, 2016.

Authors should specify who will present the paper or poster. Each author may present no more than two papers or posters, though can be co-authors on more than two papers or posters.

All papers, posters and special session proposal sessions will be reviewed using a double-blind process.

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