Guest article from Volker Kuppelwieser and Jörg Finsterwalder.

The First ever Special Section on The Coronavirus Crisis and Beyond: Implications for Service Research and Practice is available online now in the Journal of Service Management.

As guest editors it is our great pleasure to announce that the Journal of Service Management’s fast-track special section on “The Coronavirus Crisis and Beyond: Implications for Service Research and Practice” is available now as EarlyCite. Driven by the sudden appearance of the pandemic, it has taken only five months from the initial idea via double-blind reviews to online publication. We are thankful to the authors for submitting their papers and for joining us on this exciting fast-track adventure!

16 articles are covering a wide range of service research and practice related topics, and they are available for download. The articles and DOIs are as follows:

Lead article

Finsterwalder, J., and Kuppelwieser, V. G. (2020), “Equilibrating Resources and Challenges during Crises: A Framework for Service Ecosystem Well-being”.

Articles (in alphabetical order)

Barnes, D. C., Mesmer-Magnus, J., Scribner, L., Krallman, A., Guidice, R. (2020), “Customer Delight During A Crisis: Understanding Delight through the Lens of Transformative Service Research”.

Bartsch, S., Weber, E., Büttgen, M., and Huber, A. (2020), “Leadership matters in crisis-induced digital transformation: how to lead service employees effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Batat, W. (2020), “How Michelin-starred chefs are being transformed into social bricoleurs? An online qualitative study of luxury foodservice during the pandemic crisis”.

Bove, L., and Benoit, S. (2020), “Restrict, clean and protect: Signalling consumer safety during the pandemic and beyond”.

Dodds, S., and Hess, A. (2020), “Adapting research methodology during COVID-19: Lessons for transformative service research”.

Hall, C. M., Prayag, G., Fieger, P., and Dyason, D. (2020), “Beyond Panic Buying: Consumption Displacement and COVID-19”.

Hazée, S., and Van Vaerenbergh, Y. (2020), “Customers’ contamination concerns: An integrative framework and future prospects for service management”.

Heinonen, K., and Strandvik, T. (2020), “Reframing service innovation: COVID-19 as catalyst for imposed service innovation”.

Henkel, A., Caic, M., Blaurock, M., and Okan, M. (2020), “Robotic transformative service research: deploying social robots for consumer well-being during Covid-19 and beyond”.

Karpen, I., and Conduit, J. (2020), “Engaging in times of COVID-19 and beyond: Theorizing customer engagement through different paradigmatic lenses”.

Klaus, Ph., and Manthiou, A. (2020), “Applying the EEE Customer Mindset in Luxury: Reevaluating Customer Experience Research and Practice During and After Corona”.

Lang, B., Dolan, R., Kemper, J. A., and Northey, G. (2020), “Prosumers in times of crisis: Definition, archetypes and implications”.

Mollenkopf, D. A., Ozanne, L. K., and Stolze, H. J. (2020), “A Transformative Supply Chain Response to COVID-19”.

Odekerken-Schröder, G., Mele, C., Russo Spena, T., Mahr, D., and Ruggiero, A. (2020), “Mitigating Loneliness with Companion Robots in the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond: An Integrative Framework and Research Agenda”.

Tuzovic, S., and Kabadayi, S. (2020), “The influence of social distancing on employee wellbeing: A conceptual framework and research agenda”.