Let help each other to deliver excellent online education in times of Corona. I hope you are all well. Most of us are suffering from the impact and potential future impact of COVID-19. Many universities shifted to online education, which puts a lot of stress and extra work on everyone who has to develop meaningful online content in a short period of time. Let’s stand together as a community and help each other!

We encourage you to share with our service community any ideas, best practices, online lectures, and assignments that can be used in distance/online teaching (e.g. Useful links, videos, slides, or own course material are all welcome).

We intend to feature the best submissions in the next SERVSIG Newsletter and offer them as a publicly available resource pool for our community on the website.

There are three ways how you can submit your material.
1. Post a link in the comment of this facebook post https://www.facebook.com/groups/servsig/permalink/3852720008086680/
2. e-mail me your resources to [email protected]
3. Upload your material at the following online drive link (Password: servsig): http://bit.ly/2vvLQk6

Let’s stick together in this!