Call for Possible Conference Hosts
SERVSIG International Research Conference 2022

SERVSIG held its first International Research Conference in 1999. The founding concept was that a different university would host the conference every two years. To ensure novel and fun service experiences, SERVSIG also promised that the conference would never repeat a city. The SERVSIG International Research Conference has taken place in wonderful places around the world like New Orleans, USA; Sydney, Australia; Reims, France; Singapore; Liverpool, UK; Porto, Portugal; Helsinki, Finland; Thessaloniki, Greece; Maastricht, Netherlands; and Paris, France. The 2020 Conference will be held in Brisbane, Australia.

SERVSIG seeks possible conference hosts for the SERVSIG conference in 2022. The conferences have typically been held in May or June. SERVSIG always tries to avoid dates when other service conferences will occur.

These are some of the pertinent details that possible conference hosts would need to address in their proposal:

  • Background – Of the host school and host city.
  • Conference Facilities – These can be on-campus and off-campus.
  • Conference Dinners, Receptions, and Other Events – The conference is expected to start with a Thursday reception, and include conference dinners on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Conference Organization – Who would be the conference co-chairs and who would be the conference support staff? (Note that SERVSIG Officers would also select a conference coordinating committee.)
  • Hotel Arrangements – What would be the primary conference hotel? What secondary hotels would be available? What would be the estimated prices?
  • Travel Arrangements – What are the nearest international airports, train stations, etc.
  • Summary of Projected Attendee Prices – Summarize the projected conference attendee prices for registration, hotel, travel, etc.
  • Sightseeing Possibilities in Host City or Surrounding Area – Discuss the city, the region, the country, special attractions, etc.

SERVSIG plans to announce the 2022 conference venue at the Brisbane SERVSIG conference in July 2020.

Possible conference hosts should contact Ray Fisk, SERVSIG Conference Curator, ([email protected]) no later than March 15, 2019 to indicate their interest to host the 2022 conference. All conference host proposals must be submitted by May 31, 2019. The final decision on the 2022 SERVSIG conference host will be made in June, 2019.