SERVSIG is proud to announce Stephanie Noble as Co-Mentoring Officer of the SERVSIG board and organizer of the next SERVSIG Doctoral Consortium 2018 in Austin. Stephanie Noble is Proffitt’s Professor of Marketing at the Haslam College of Business of the University of Tennessee. We invited Stephanie to introduce herself, so you get to know her better.

Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself – My name is Stephanie Noble and I’m the Proffitt’s Professor of Marketing at the University of Tennessee. I could take the traditional approach and list academic accomplishments of mine, but I won’t.  You can get that from my CV.  Instead, let me tell you a few things about me that might be conversation starters if we meet at the next Frontiers conference.

I grew up splitting my time between Southern California and Connecticut and spent summers in NYC. At 17 I moved to Arizona for college, where I later met my husband Charles Noble, who is also a Marketing Professor at the University Tennessee.  We have 4 children that range in age from 6 to 14 -2 boys, 2 girls.  I love to travel.  I studied abroad while in school and then backpacked throughout England, Scotland, Ireland, Western and Eastern Europe. More recently I’ve traveled to Egypt, China, Alaska, Cuba, and Kenya. If you see me at a conference your best bet to grab my attention is to talk about travel or kids.  Beyond those two things I can’t say I have many hobbies.  I used to, but trying to manage a career with 4 kids stifles hobbies to some degree as you can imagine!

People often ask academics how they got into research.  My love for research can probably be traced back to a show in the 1980s called “Fight Back with David Horowitz.” Viewers would write into the show with product claims they wanted David Horowitz to test.  For example, could Glad trash bags really not break after being kicked down a flight of stairs or having an elephant step on it? Could a Timex watch really keep on ticking after being submerged in water?  These were the types of product claims this show tested.  As a child, I would write in weekly to put product claims to the test.  I still love testing ideas, but instead of testing advertising claims I now study and test customer experiences toward retailer strategy decisions and frontline employees.

My passion for working with doctoral students can probably be traced back to my first AMA conference. I remember attending the conference as a doctoral student and no faculty or doctoral students from my Ph.D. granting institution were there.  I was in receptions and luncheons filled with 600+ people and remember feeling very alone.  I wandered throughout the conference trying to make idle small talk with anyone who would listen to me, but never really feeling any connection to anyone.  At some point, when I was mentally tired, I found an empty room about 20 minutes before a session and just sat down to take a break.  I must have looked pitiful because within moments someone sat down next to me and started to ask how I was doing.  This person turned out to be John Mowen from Oklahoma State University, who has since retired from the profession.  He could tell I was having a rough time.  He told me about his first conference and just made me laugh. He made it a point to say hi to me several times throughout the rest of the weekend. His simple actions and support meant so much to me.  Over this weekend, I realized it takes a village to raise a doctoral student and that when I was a faculty member I was going to try to be “John Mowen” to someone else.  My first job was at a doctoral granting institution. From my first day as an Assistant Professor I have been working with doctoral students trying to create that supportive village for them so that they have the best chance for success in this profession.

It is with this passion that I step into the SERVSIG Co-Mentoring position.  I look forward to working with Yany Gregoire, Linda Nasr, and the SERVSIG team to create innovative and impactful programming and great networking opportunities at the 2018 & 2019 doctoral consortia.  If you have any suggestions for these programs or just want to reach out to say hello, I’d love hear from you!