The new impact factors for journals by Clarivate/Thomson Reuters were published in June. Many impact factors of our service journals are strongly rising. Congratulations from SERVSIG. What a great achievement.

Below you see a selection of all marketing journals (special thanks to Charles Hofacker, for scrapping that manually).

J Service Res 6.847
J Acad Mar Sci 5.888
J Mar 5.318
J Interactive Mar 5.026
J Con Res 3.800
J Retailing 3.772
J Prod Innov Man 3.759
J Intl Mar 3.725
J Mar Res 3.654
J Con Psych 3.385
J Bus Res 3.354
Ind Mar Man 3.166
Managing Service Quality (Now J Service Theory Prac) 3.100
J Service Man 2.897
J Adv 2.896
Man Sci 2.822
Intl J Adv 2.451
Mar Sci 2.163
Mar Theory 2.163
J Adv Res 2.034
Psych Mar 2.000
J Macromar 1.819
Mar Letters 1.818
Service Bus 1.812
J Services Mar 1.811
J Pub Policy Mar 1.786
Intl J Res Mar 1.775
Intl Mar Rev 1.672
Consumption Markets Cult 1.585
J Destination Mar Man 1.556
Intl J Con Studies 1.510
J Con Behav 1.481
J Bus Ind Mar 1.371
Euro J Mar 1.333
Quant Mar Econ 1.333
J Bus Bus Mar 1.312
J Con Affairs 1.260
Service Ind J 1.172
Service Sci 1.158
J Vacation Mar 1.148
J Service Theory Prac (Was Man Serv Qual) 1.098
Intl J Market Res 0.921