The Academic Council of the AMA (American Marketing Association) has officially accepted our proposal to change the SIG’s name from “American Marketing Association Services Marketing Special Interest Group” to “American Marketing Association Service Special Interest Group”.  The acronym “SERVSIG” will remain the same.

The majority of the SIG members voted for the name change

When SERVSIG was founded in 1993, service was a small, relatively new field within marketing.  Currently, however, both marketing and the service field have evolved significantly in ways that are both complementary and unexpected.  While these changes are welcome, it has meant that the SERVSIG now serves a broader group of members. SERVSIG has been successful because it has chosen to be the hub of information for all aspects of service research.  This is essential given that service marketing since its inception has reflected a holistic view of marketing that incorporates or influences other business disciplines.

The new name reflects the inclusive nature of the organization.