Service Innovation II Total Value Development copyTotal Value Development
How to Drive Service Innovation


Frank M Hull, Cass Business School and Fordham University Graduate School of Business-Executive Education

Christopher David Storey, University of Sussex, UK

Key Features:

  • Generic theoretical model widely applicable to a variety of new business opportunities in services and goods industries
  • Research based on quantitative and qualitative evidences for case studies
  • Guidelines for the leadership of enterprise transformation

Total Value Development provides a framework to help businesses innovate and derive greater value from the services they offer. The secret is to devise an innovative model built on total value creation, identified as the total value development (TVD) model.

The TVD model has broad applicability for any large organization. Here, case studies are presented showing the effectiveness of the TVD model in its practical application within companies. Statistical evidence is used to recommend improvements to performance outcomes, such as time compression, cost reduction, quality and innovation. Studies of over 100 service enterprises in the United States and the United Kingdom provide compelling evidence for benefits from business model innovation. Additional material in the form of guidance forms give readers the tools needed for the implementation and recording of successful in-project value development.

Providing both a practical framework and real-life examples of adding value to current business practices, this book is essential reading for executives, managers and researchers in the field of business and innovation.

Executives, managers and researchers in the field of business and innovation.

Preface: Opportunities for Business Model Innovation; Evidence for Innovative Business Models: Total Value Development: New Business Models for Service Innovation; Case Studies of the Transformation to Concurrency; Envisioning Concurrent Systems; Building a Robust Business Models: Concurrent Value Development: The Evolution of a Composite Model; Quantitate Evidence for the Composite Model and Its Enablers; Strategic Adaptation of Operations: Organic Team Structure: Enabling Innovation; Early Collaborative Influence: The Cornerstone of Innovation; Dynamic Process Controls: Flexible Discipline for Cost-Effective Innovation; Development & Delivery Technologies; Patterns of Collaboration and Synergy Bonuses: Configuring Teams for Service Innovation; Optimizing opportunities for Innovation; Managing Development of Explicit vs Tacit Knowledge; Enterprise Transformation: Strategic Adaptation of Operations; How to Architect Total Value Creation and Delivery; How to Lead the Transformation of Your Value Creation System; Appendices: Benchmarking Your Enterprise Against Best-In- Class: Rating Sheets for Self-Assessment; Configuring Your New Service Development Team: Guidelines and Worksheets; Planning Your Innovation Journey with TAP (Transformation Assurance Process).

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