Journal of Service Research

Best Paper Award 2014

Frontiers In Service 7-10-15

Mary Jo Bitner and Dave Bown

A Service Climate Synthesis and Future Research Agenda
David E. Bowen and Benjamin Schneider

Finalist Best Paper Award 2014

The Role of Customer Engagement Behavior in Value Co-Creation: A Service System Perspective
Elina Jaakkola, and Matthew Alexander

Analyzing Customer Experience Feedback Using Text Mining: A Linguistics-Based Approach
Francisco Villarroel Ordenes, Babis Theodoulidis, Jamie Burton, Thorsten Gruber, and Mohamed Zaki

A Meta-Analysis of Relationships Linking Service Failure Attributions to Customer Outcomes
Yves Van Vaerenbergh, Chiara Orsingher, Iris Vermeir, and Bart Larivière

Frontiers In Service 7-10-15

Thorsten Gruber, Francisco Villarroel Ordenes, Mohamed Zaki, Mary Jo Bitner, Yves Van Vaerenbergh, and Bart Larivière

2015 Best Paper Award Finalists for the Special Issue on Transformative Service Research

Frontiers In Service 7-10-15Cocreating the Arab Spring: Understanding Transformation of Service Systems in Contention
Per Skålén, Kotaiba Abdul Aal, and Bo Edvardsson

The Transformative Value of a Service Experience
Christopher P. Blocker and Andrés Barrios

Co-Production of Prolonged, Complex, and Negative Services: An Examination of Medication Adherence in Chronically Ill Individuals
Jelena Spanjol, Anna S. Cui, Cheryl Nakata, Lisa K. Sharp, Stephanie Y. Crawford, Yazhen Xiao, and Mary Beth Watson-Manheim

2014 Best Reviewer Award

Frontiers In Service 7-10-15

Mary Jo Bitner and Florian v. Wangenheim

Florian v. Wangenheim, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Journal of Service Management 

JOSM Outstanding Paper of the Year

A longitudinal examination of customer commitment and loyalty
Lariviere, B., Keiningham, T. L., Cooil, B., Aksoy, L., and Malthouse, E.C.

Frontiers In Service 7-10-15

Malthouse, Ed, Keiningham, T. L., Aksoy, L., Parsu Parasuraman and Lariviere, B.,

JOSM Highly Commended Awards

Frontiers In Service 7-10-15

Werner Kunz and Parsu Parasuraman

Creators, multipliers, and lurkers: who contributes and who benefits at online review sites
Kunz, W.H., Munzel, A.

Small details that make big differences: A radical approach to consumption experience as a firm’s differentiating strategy
Bolton, R. N., Gustafsson , A., McColl-Kennedy, J., Sirianni, N. J., Tse, D.

Frontiers In Service 7-10-15

Anders Gustafsson , Sirianni, N. J., Parsu Parasuraman, A., McColl-Kennedy, J.,


Journal of Service Theory & Practice

Outstanding Article Awards

Beyond virtuality: from engagement platforms to engagement ecosystems
Roderick Brodie, Christoph F. Breidbach, Linda Hollebeek

Highly commended Article Award

Psychometric sifting to efficiently select the right service employees
John E.G. Bateson, Jochen Wirtz, Carly Vaughan, Eugene Burke

Frontiers In Service 7-10-15

Yves Van Vaerenbergh, Marianna Sigala, Bart Larivière

Customer intentions to invoke service guarantees
Yves Van Vaerenbergh, Arne De Keyser, Bart Larivière

The service revolution and its marketing implications: service logic vs service-dominant logic
Christian Grönroos, Johanna Gummerus