The Journal of Service Management (JoSM) recently decided to ensure that the research priority “Service Design” is covered by the journal. To facilitate this, the journal has appointed two “Expert Research Panel Co-Chairs – Service Design” panel editors” to develop this research area for the journal.

Combining traditions of service management and design, the co-chairs are Dominik Mahr (Associate Professor at Maastricht University, Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management, Scientific Director Service Science Factory) and Stefan Holmlid (Professor at Linköping University, head of the Interaction and Service Design research group).

The topic of service design is receiving increasing attention in practice and in research across disciplines such as operations, services, information systems, design, marketing, psychology, human-computer interaction and innovation and specific industry sectors such as healthcare and high-tech. Currently, there are several conferences that cover service design as an area or as a topic. For example, ServDes conference series focus mainly on service design and innovation, while in Nordes cover more design areas. Several service research conferences such as SERVSIG Conference, Frontiers in Services, QUIS, and others increasingly feature papers and special sessions on service design.

The research priority service design acknowledges that there are several different research traditions that contribute to knowledge within the design for service, traditional management research as well as design research. Opening up JoSM to the design research community offers opportunities for benefiting from other research traditions with novel contributions. At the same time, there are challenges. For example, while JoSM traditionally publishes research of a management research nature with its specific genre conventions, design researchers traditionally often uses reflexive and hermeneutic approaches, with connected genre conventions.

The intent of the Panel co-chairs is to look for and make room for design research specific to the service area and service research addressing central knowledge gaps. We secure that reviewers of papers have a background that will make justice the methodological choices as well as the overall goal of the journal. Aligned with the goals of JoSM to be one of the journal outlets for original research on design for service, performed with a range of methodological approaches.

In the following months, the Expert Research Panel Co-Chairs – Service Design aggregates the learning from the submissions so far and will share directions and specific suggestions of how to successfully contribute to the field in JoSM. If you have specific questions about fit of a submission, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quick, overall feedback.

We are looking forward to your contribution.

Stefan Holmlid (Professor at Linköping University)

Dominik Mahr (Associate Professor at Maastricht University)