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About Us

SERVSIG is run by a group of nominated volunteers that organize events and attempt to improve relationships among services researchers. The following list identifies our current SERVSIG officers and their responsibilities:

  • Co-Chair: Mark S. Rosenbaum (Northern Illinois University)
    • The Chair is responsible for coordinating with AMA on conferences and other events; budgeting and planning; advising and coordinating the activities of the other SERVSIG offices; creating committees for the awarding of SERVSIG's Best Services Article and Career Contributions awards.
  • Legacy Officer: Ray Fisk (Texas State University - San Marcos)
  • Co-Chair Elect: Werner Kunz (University of Massachusetts)
  • Past Chair: Sabine Moeller (University of Roehampton)
  • Mentoring Officer: Lerzan Aksoy (Fordham University)
    • The Mentoring Officer is primarily responsible for coordinating (with the Mentoring-officer-elect) the SERVSIG Doctoral Consortium which, by tradition, is held immediately prior to the annual Frontiers in Services Conference.
  • Communications Officer: Carolyn Massiah (University of Central Florida)
    • The Communications Officer will be primarily responsible for communications with the SERVSIG membership, primarily through the creation of a SERVSIG newsletter, and working with the Electronic Media Officer to post news on the website.
  • Electronic Media Officer: Ravi Jillapalli (Texas State University - San Marcos)
    • The Electronic Media Officer is primarily responsible for updating and maintaining the SERVSIG website, at, and coordinating with the Communications Officer for posting news on the website.
  • Programs Officer: TBA
    • The Programs Officer is primarily responsible for helping to coordinate special sessions on behalf of the SIG at
      Summer and Winter AMA conferences and other appropriate venues.
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