16 May 2024 (3 pm CET)

Join us in within 3 weeks for our upcoming online seminar, where we’re offering you 3 good reasons to attend:
1. Keynote Talk by Stephanie Noble: Delve into the world of impactful robotics research
2. Exclusive Insights from Stephanie Noble: Learn firsthand about publishing successfully in JAMS.
3. Contribute and be Acknowledged: Participate in an interactive workshop, with the opportunity to contribute to, and be acknowledged in an editorial paper for JSR.

The online event (free of charge) will take about 90 minutes, and includes the keynote talk, a discussion, and some interactivity.  

For this online seminar series, the EMAC Service Marketing SIG joins forces with IRSSM and AMA SERVSIG.

ZOOM link for the seminar is available via: https://sites.google.com/view/service-marketing-seminar

More information on the flyer (e.g., time zones):