2024 Organizational Frontlines Research (OFR) Symposium 
(co-located with the AMA Winter Educators’ Conference)

22-23 February 2024
St Pete’s Beach, FL

Deadline (extended): 15 December 2023

Call For Research Presentations
We want to extend a special invitation for you to attend and consider presenting the Organizational Frontline Research Symposium, February 22nd and 23rd, 2024 in St Pete’s Beach, FL. Like our previous events, this symposium is intended to promote scholarship in the area of OFR, bringing together scholars and practitioners to discuss cutting edge ideas. The 2024 theme, Disruptive Times, Resilient Frontlines, emphasizes developing a resilient frontline across a range of organizations, including retailers, manufacturers, healthcare providers, hospitality and sales organizations.

Research Lightning Talks
For this year’s conference we hope to include more OFR scholars on the program and invite you to submit a research proposal for consideration as a brief presentation at the OFR preconference event. Our plan is that final presentations will be no more than 8 minutes and designed to encourage lively discussion among OFR attendees. 

Guidelines for Proposal Submission
If you are interested in participating, please submit a brief PowerPoint proposal by December 15th. Each proposal will be reviewed by a committee of academics who will make a decision by December 22nd. We hope to accept 8 – 10 projects for presentation. 
We encourage you to submit your best frontline work, including research on service and sales across B2B, B2C and B2G. The submissions should follow a standardized 5-slide layout:
(1) Title Slide – clearly identify the title of the presentation and all co-authors and their affiliations
(2) Problem/Research Questions – identify the problem and why it is important for OFR
(3) Approach –outline your approach (e.g., framework, research design, data)
(4) Results – highlight your key results
(5) Implications for Practice – specify how your results can help practitioners make decisions
All presenters will have the opportunity to revise slides before the event, but we plan to strictly enforce the 5-slide requirement for proposals as it will help bolster confidence that all presenters are committed to the spirit of “lightning talks.” 
Submissions should also include the name of all coauthors and their university affiliations. Submission to the conference does not preclude your work from being published by any journal. Submissions can be sent directly to this year’s pre-conference co-chairs: Colleen Harmeling and Clay Voorhees with any questions regarding the event or submissions.  

Symposium Co-Chairs: Colleen Harmeling and Clay Voorhees

Organizational Frontlines Research (OFR) is broadly defined as the study of interactions and interfaces at the point-of-contact between an organization and its customers that promote, facilitate, or enable value creation and exchange (Singh, Brady, Arnold and Brown 2017). Topics of OF interest span several fields of inquiry and disciplines of research.
The purpose of this symposium is to foster theoretical and empirical research in this emergent area. More information about OFR can be found on the ASU Center for Services Leadership’s website and OSU Center for Sales & Service Excellence’s website.

Supported by…Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University ● Center for Services Leadership (ASU) ● Center for Sales Excellence at the University of Nebraska ● Dr. Persis E. Rockwood School of Marketing, Florida State University ● Center for Business Analytics, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia ● Reynolds & Reynolds Sales Leadership Institute, Texas A&M University ● Center for Sales and Service Excellence, Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University