We would like to request nominations for the

2024 SERVSIG Emerging Service Scholar Award
granted by Florida State University

SERVSIG and the Florida State University are proud to present the Emerging Service Scholar Award. This award, launched in 2015, recognizes contributions to advancing the study of service research, and will be given annually to honor the contributions of a researcher in the earlier stages of his or her academic career. The award includes a cash prize sponsored by Florida State University, plaque and spotlight features on the SERVSIG website & newsletter and other publications. 

The nominees for the Emerging Service Scholar Award should have completed their doctoral degree no later than 10 years prior to the year of the award. This means, for the nominations for this award in 2024, the eligibility cut off year of degree completion is 2014
Other eligibility issues:
• The nominees need to show continuous research activity in the service discipline. 
• Candidates for a SERVSIG Award do not have to be a member of SERVSIG or the AMA to be eligible for the award.
• Candidates may be from anywhere in the world. Since its inception, SERVSIG has sought to be globally oriented and globally active.

The nomination for a candidate for the award should include:
Only one nomination letter, no longer than double-spaced five pages signed by those who support the nomination (self-nominations are noteligible).
• A current vita for the nominated scholar or a web link to an online vita.
• No more than three publications representative of the nominee’s contributions.
• All material needs to be submitted electronically to the selection committee chair.

Selection Committee
Each year, SERVSIG appoints a panel of scholars to serve as the selection committee. The panel solicits nominations from the service community, and selects the recipient of the award. Criteria to be used to determine contribution include innovation, methodological rigor, and both current impact and future potential to substantially advance service research. 
SERVSIG would like to thank the following members for their willingness to serve on this year’s committee:
• Shashi Matta (Chair) – Germany
• Sabine Benoit – UK
• Helen Chun – USA
• Samuel P. Sebhatu – Sweden

If you would like to nominate someone for the Emerging Scholar Award please email the Selection Committee Chair Prof. Shashi Matta no later than Feb 15, 2024.

See the previous award winners here.

We look forward to receiving your nominations soon! 

Sertan Kabadayi and Kristina Heinonen

Photo by Kelly Sikkema.