Call for Nominations for the

2024 SERVSIG Best Dissertation Award (granted by Maastricht University)

SERVSIG and the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics are proud to present the Best Dissertation Award. The award includes a cash prize sponsored by Maastricht University, plaque and spotlight features on the SERVSIG website & newsletter and other publications.

Award, Eligibility, and Selection:
– Candidates must be doctoral students / graduates in marketing or a related field (e.g., consumer behavior, marketing strategy, operations management, organizational behavior, human resources, strategy, finance, information systems, economics, etc.) in a globally recognized university.
– To be eligible, students must (have) successfully defended their dissertation between October 1, 2022 – September 30, 2023.
– A nominator must nominate her/his/their candidate by submitting a letter that highlights why the dissertation qualifies for this award in addition to confirming the successful defense of the dissertation (please see details below). 
– Self-nominations are not accepted. 

Previous winners can be seen here.

Submission Details:

Nominators must submit 2 documents:

1. Blinded summary of the candidate dissertation, which should describe the framework of their research studies, research questions, hypotheses (if applicable), related literature, data / methodological approach (if applicable), findings, contributions to service theory and practice, and future research along with limitations of the dissertation. Please note: Nominators should provide enough detail for the selection committee to be able to conduct an appropriate evaluation of the work. 
– The summary must not exceed 5 single-spaced text pages (not including references, figures, and tables; 12-point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margin).
– Please note that ALL these materials must be submitted in one single blinded file
– Please follow the formatting guidelines of the Journal of Service Research.
– Submissions that do exceed the above page limit, that do not follow the style guide, or that are submitted as multiple files cannot be considered. Similarly, hard copy submissions cannot be considered.

2. In addition to the summary document, a nominator must provide a nomination letter and candidate CV, addressing why the dissertation deserves to be considered for the award. This nomination letter must be included in the submission email. The nominator’s email letter should include the following information: candidate’s name, phone number/s, e-mail address, the university/school awarding the degree, the date of the successful dissertation defense, name/s of the faculty member(s) on the dissertation committee, and the candidate’s current and future positions. 

The summary and nomination letter need to be in English, but the dissertation itself does not have to be English necessarily. Also the candidate’s academic CV is required. It is recommended to include both published/accepted and ongoing work (specifying the status of the manuscript – e.g., under review, which journal, which round).
Please submit both documents (1. Blinded summary 2. Nomination & CV) in two separate pdf files via e-mail to Sertan Kabadayi by Feb 15, 2024. We will collect the submissions on behalf of the academic selection committee.

If you have any questions about the competition, please contact SERVSIG’s co-chair Sertan Kabadayi.

Selection Committee:
SERVSIG would like to thank the following members for their willingness to serve on this year’s selection committee:
– Cristina Mele (Chair) – Italy
– Chia-Chiu Chang – Taiwan
– Nima Heirati – UK
– Ingo Karpen – Sweden

Special Thanks to Maastricht University:
The Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management at Maastricht University in the Netherlands has a strong reputation in the field of Services Marketing, which has been the main focus since its inception. Maastricht University is proud to be recognized as a top marketing department by the global research cooperations on state-of-the-art service research and by the different research awards that Maastricht cherishes. The Service Science Factory at Maastricht University brings together business and academia to help organizations differentiate themselves through innovative services and to validate academic service research with different external non-academic stakeholders.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema.