Experimental Research Design
30 Nov — 2 Dec 2023
Shaping Through the Review Process
4 Dec — 5 Dec 2023
Center for Research Excellence in Marketing (CREM), MICA, India

Application deadline: 25 November 2023
(Fees: $100-150)

Workshop 1. Experimental Research Design
The workshop is intended to acquaint the participants with the basics of designing experiments and applying them to marketing problems. The workshop will train the participants to design experiments, carry them out step by step, and analyze their data.

What to expect

  • Learning the basics of experimental design.
  • Conducting an experiment and performing data analysis and interpretation.
  • Develop confidence through hands-on experience.

Facilitator for Workshop 1
– Prof. Giampaolo Viglia, Professor of Marketing, Associate Head (Research and Innovation), University of Portsmouth, UK. Editor-in-Chief: Psychology & Marketing.

Workshop 2. Shaping Through the Review Process: Author’s and Editor’s Perspective
Navigating through peer review is critical to impactful scholarly work. Authors often face challenges in comprehending and forming a holistic perspective of the reviews received from anonymous reviewers, and the editorial team. Facilitators will take us through the review journey of a manuscript and bring the editor’s and author’s perspectives respectively.

What to expect

  • To understand the criticality of the review process journey and help the authors develop an accurate and balanced approach towards it.
  • To take insights from the facilitators who have undergone the review journey and already published research papers in high-impact journals.
  • To learn how to handle contradictory review comments.
  • To understand the journal and editor’s view of rejection and acceptance of the work.

Facilitators for Workshop 2
– Prof. Shaphali Gupta, Mani Ayer Chair Professor of Marketing, MICA, India
– Dr. Mayank Kumar, Assistant Professor of Information System, MICA, India

More information: https://www.mica.ac.in/crem/winter_school/
Registration: https://forms.gle/Nk9tkUFDjfc1mAyY8
Contact: crem@micamail.in