29th Recent Advances in Retailing and Consumer Science Conference
24-27 July 2023
Marriott hotel, Lyon, France

Deadline: 1 October 2022

It is our pleasure to send you the call for papers for our next conference. We hope you are interested to participate. If you are unfamiliar with our conference, it intends to bring together scholars from various disciplines and countries interested in retailing and consumer services. In the past, the conference has attracted scholars from disciplines such as marketing, psychology, urban planning, transportation, management, geography etc. from more than 35 countries. Our focus is to strengthen the international network and provide an optimal setting (4 star hotel, interesting city, good food) for exchange of ideas, presentation of results, planning of new projects, inspiration of new ideas, opening up for the network for PhD and starting scholars, all organised with a personal touch. The conference therefore gives delegates an opportunity to present their completed projects but also work in progress. Networking and collaboration to enhance the quality of research in the field are more important than other criteria. You may also wish to consider organizing a special session that may be published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services.

Papers on any topic relevant to progress in retailing and consumer services (tourism, recreation, banking, health, aspects of transportation, etc.) are welcome.

Topics of special interest include:
0  consumer behaviour                              0  service quality          
0  omni-channel retailing                           0  methodological advances 
0  business strategy                                   0  food retailing and marketing
0  distribution channels                             0  service branding
0  social responsibility                               0  location-based services
0  logistics                                                0  social media
0  new technology                                    0  merchandising, pricing, advertising

1698 Euros (discount of 400 euros if paid before February 1, 2023).

Soora Rasouli & Harry Timmermans

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