The new 9th edition of the best-selling text Services Marketing: People, Technology, Strategy by Jochen Wirtz and Christopher Lovelock has been published.  In addition to adding key articles from the service community across all chapters, newly introduced topics include (1) service robots, AI, and intelligent automation, (2) P2P platforms and digital platform services, and (3) cost-effective service excellence.  Pictorial overviews of all 15 chapters, bullet point chapter summaries, and the new research that was integrated (see endnotes at each chapter) can be downloaded from ResearchGate –

The 9th edition has hyperlinked/QR Code-linked videos for key topics.  These videos can be streamed from YouTube ( or downloaded from the instructor resources website. 

If you teach service topics and would like to download the videos and/or receive a desk review copy of the new edition, email Jochen at  He’d love to hear from you.