Department of Marketing, Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki (Finland)
7-10 March 2022

Application Deadline: 25 October 2021

Course aim and content
Students learn about service management, the paradigm shift toward service logic and the relationship- oriented marketing management and research implications from them in the consumer and industrial market. The course covers for example concepts and models of service management and service logic, customer relationships, business to business relationships, and research methods for studying service and relationships. Emphasis is given to familiarising the students with research publications/articles dealing with service and relationship management from different perspectives as well as analysing and discussing the evolvement and fundamental assumptions. Students read, analyse, and discuss research publications that have had or are assumed to have a major impact and develop skills in reading and analysing them. This ability strengthens the students’ research skills and facilitates the design and writing of a doctoral thesis. Methodological issues are also addressed since they are closely linked to the students’ doctoral theses. The course should give a good platform to formulate research problems and supports doctoral students’ own research.

An additional and significant aim with the course is to gather doctoral students researching service and relationship related matters and offer the opportunity to network.

Learning objectives
You have an overview over service and relationship management research and a deeper understanding of selected core concepts and issues. After completing this course, students shall be able to
– analyse and synthesise core literature/concepts in service and relationship management research
– discuss and critically evaluate academic work
– apply service and relationship management research to your own research and doctoral thesis

Scope and language
ECTS 8, course language is English.

In-class time and venue
Online course preparations start in November 2021. The course includes 32 hours of class (seminar) time, divided into four consecutive full-day class meetings March 7-10, 2022 from 8am-4pm, at Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki. Note that the aim is to welcome everyone onsite at Hanken.

Our current and emeritus marketing faculty plus international guest professors are course instructors
Robert Ciuchita. Assistant Professor of Marketing (tenure-track), Hanken.
Johanna Gummerus. Associate Professor of Marketing (tenure-track), Hanken.
Kristina Heinonen. Professor of Service and Relationship Marketing, Hanken.
Maria Holmlund. Professor of Marketing, Hanken, corresponding instructor and course responsible.
Dominik Mahr. Professor of Digital Innovation and Marketing, Maastricht University, and Senior Fellow, Hanken.
Stefanie Paluch. Professor of Service and Technology Marketing, RWTH Aachen University, and Senior Fellow, Hanken.
Kaj Storbacka. Hanken Foundation Professor, Hanken.
Tore Strandvik. Emeritus Professor of Marketing, Hanken.
Magnus Söderlund. Professor of Marketing, Stockholm School of Economics, and Senior Fellow, Hanken.

Indicative topics
– SRM overview and schools
– Service btc encounters
– Service orientation
– Btc services and communities
– Qualitative methods
– Customer relationships
– Btb service and relationships
– Digital service marketing
– Service innovation

1) Presence and informed participation in all four days of class meetings compulsory. 20% 
2) Key learning analysis. Individual written analyses of the material. 20%
3) Term paper, including presentation and discussion of the papers in class. 50%
4) Learning diary. 10%

Signing up for the course
Doctoral students from other universities wishing to participate are encouraged to send an email before Monday October 25 to Maria Holmlund including:
– contact information (name, university, address, e-mail),
– information on the current phase of the studies (incl. number of earned study credits)- a short summary of the PhD research
– need and motive for taking part in the course

Notification of acceptance:
before Thursday Oct 28.