SERVSIG is proud to announce Sven Tuzovic as the new Education Officer of the SERVSIG board. Sven is Senior Lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. We invited Sven to introduce himself, so you get to know him better.

My name is Sven Tuzovic and I’m a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor US) at the School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations of QUT School of Business in Brisbane, Australia. Before joining QUT in 2015 I was Associate Professor at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) in Tacoma, WA, USA. If you want to learn about my professional background, I invite you to check out my profiles on LinkedInResearchGatePublons, and read my recent interview in the SERVSIG “Going abroad” Series (Part 1: Going abroad: Starting an international career and Part 2: Going abroad: Moving to Australia). But instead of repeating my CV, I would like to take the opportunity to tell you a bit about myself.

I have been a member of the services research community for 20 years and I still remember my very first conference, the Tenth Frontiers in Services Conference, in 2001 at the University of Maryland. I remember how nervous I was ahead of my first presentation as a PhD student from Europe. Over the last two decades, I have been a regular attendant of our annual services conferences – yes, call me ‘conference aficionado’ (smile). If you ask me ‘why’, well there are three reasons. First of all it’s about the exchange of ideas and to learn new knowledge. Second, I love to travel. Yes, I wholeheartedly admit my passion for travel. It’s like a collection of destinations on the world map; ever increasing (smile again). But third, and this is the main reason now: it’s the people, the services community, it’s You. As I was attending my very first Frontiers, QUIS, and SERVSIG conferences I was welcomed among senior scholars in the area of service marketing, including Roland Rust, Ray Fisk, Parsu, Mary Jo Bitner, Christopher Lovelock, and Christian Grönross. Since then I have met wonderful colleagues and co-authors, built long lasting friendships, and developed global research collaborations. I truly love the international spirit of our services community. 

QUIS15 in Porto, Portugal (2017).

In addition to growing as an active services scholar, I am very passionate about teaching and learning (T&L). My first teaching ‘gig’ as Visiting Professor at the University of New Orleans in 2005 was immensely disrupted by Hurricane Katrina, just after one week of classes. During my months-long evacuation I was “thrown in the water” to develop online classes, not knowing what this really meant. But this experience has had a major influence on my teaching philosophy and how I have adopted technology to continuously improve students’ learning environment, both online and in the classroom. Fast forward from 2005 to 2020, and we all have experienced massive disruptions of COVID-19, personally, economically, and academically. We all had to convert to online teaching and, in lightning speed, master the ‘art and science’ of becoming semi-professional video directors and creators, while trying to maintain students’ engagement levels. And I have seen how the SERVSIG community has come together and shared countless examples and experiences of ways to improve online T&L. 

Left – 2005 returning to New Orleans after Hurrican Katrina; Right – 2020 departing NYC because of COVID-19 outbreak during sabbatical at Fordham University

As a global academic who has lived and taught across three continents, it is my honor to join the SERVSIG community as board member for the newly created position as Education Officer. I feel thrilled to serve the global service community, which has been an important part of my academic and private life. And I am looking forward to working with the other board members, all of whom I personally know and respect. 

We are planning a number of initiatives, but, if you have any suggestions about Services T&L, please email me. And hopefully we get a chance soon to meet and talk again at one of the services conferences. Apart from my love for travel, my hobbies include running, yoga, going to the movies and to restaurants (in a COVID-safe environment), and, over the last year, a lot of home cooking.