12th SERVSIG Conference
16-18 June 2022
Glasgow, UK

Abstract submission deadline:
26 November 2021


SERVSIG 2022 in Glasgow will be the 12th international conference in the biannual series that has travelled around the world for service marketing!

  • 1999 – New Orleans, USA
  • 2001 – Sydney, Australia
  • 2003 – Reims, France
  • 2005 – Singapore
  • 2008 – Liverpool, UK
  • 2010 – Porto, Portugal
  • 2012 – Helsinki, Finland
  • 2014 – Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 2016 – Maastricht, the Netherlands
  • 2018 – Paris, France
  • 2020 – Brisbane, Australia
  • 2022 – Glasgow, UK


SERVSIG serves worldwide academics who are interested in services research. SERVSIG was founded by Ray Fisk in 1993 as a special interest group of the American Marketing Association. Since then, SERVSIG has sponsored numerous panels and sessions at the AMA Educators’ Conference while also hosting its own international conference. Also, SERVSIG hosts an annual SERVSIG Doctoral Consortium at the AMA Frontiers in Services Conferences.

SERVSIG is for those who want to begin or continue to explore the interdisciplinary field of services marketing, management, engineering, science, and/or arts. The purpose of the group is to foster a dialogue and expand knowledge on services issues among academics, managers, consumers, and government representatives.

The group is designed to meet the needs of academics and practitioners who have been teaching and/or conducting research and/or practicing in the service field and want to explore specific issues in more depth, incorporate services related issues into their courses, exchange ideas regarding services related teaching and/or research issues, or raise awareness of services related issues among managers, government representatives, or among the academic community at large.

The mission of SERVSIG is to be the best platform worldwide for keeping in touch with people, events, and ideas in the service field.
SERVSIG adopted three goals: Open, Flexible, and Fun.
– we strive to be open to new people, new ideas, global contributions, interdisciplinary contributions, practitioners contributions, and to new ways of doing things.
– we strive for the maximum of organisational flexibility (and a minimum of red tape).
– we strive to be a fun organisation for being both lighthearted and intellectually nourishing.

Historically, SERVSIG has always been served by a group of enthusiastic officers who fostered and shaped the service community to what it is today. Through the years, SERVSIG has been blessed by the support of many new service colleagues who are passionate about our community and the specific roles evolved as new opportunities to help the community emerged.

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