Guest article by Maria Colurcio.
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Teaching in Covid-19 Emergency. New practice of Resource Integration.

Social interaction through technology enables the broad application of methods and tools to co-create value (Lusch and Nambisan, 2015; Schau et al., 2009; Caridà et al., 2015, 2017). 

Resource Integration (RI) relates to methods that actors use to integrate resources into collaborative processes leading to experiential outcomes and mutual advantages (Edvardsson et al., 2014). 

According to a granular perspective of RI as a process per se (Kleinaltenkamp et al., 2012; Peters et al., 2014) and consistently with the idea of “resource as becoming” (Edvardsson et al., 2014; Vargo and Lusch, 2011; Zimmerman, 1951), a recent contribution highlights that RI is embedded in all actors’ efforts to co-create value (Caridà et al., 2019). The authors propose a framework of RI that emerges within interactive social contexts through three phases (MRV Framework): i)“matching” (the matching of basic operant resources available to actors); ii) “resourcing” (the operating with the composite and interconnected operant resources), and iii) “valuing” (assessment of the value in context).

The Covid-19 emergency offers the opportunity to validate this framework, since interactive technology has become abruptly crucial for a large set of human activities, such as working, learning, consumption, entertainment, and social interaction. 

Teaching practices have been deeply affected by this rapid change.

My idea is to investigate whether technology may enable resource integration practices – and therefore value co-creation processes – in online/distance teaching. More in detail, by adopting the MRV framework I propose to analyze how actors (both students and teachers) combine resources, determine and interpret the value outcomes they co-create within and through the social context. 

The study, of course, would take great advantage from an international comparison highlighting whether new RI teaching practices vary across countries.

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