Another great success of SERVSIG at Winter AMA in Austin! The highlight for many was the SERVSIG reception where we got to meet old friends and connect with new ones. The reception took place on Saturday, February 23rd in Austin, TX. It attracted 40+ guests. Please see some of the key moments below.


The Services Marketing track co-chaired by Jenny Van Doorn and Michel van der Borgh developed an exciting service packed track! 4 special sessions were organized. The special sessions were

Embracing the Complexity of Solutions in Business Markets: Where Do We Come From? Where Do We Go?

Ad De Jong (Chair); Andreas Eggert (Chair); Wolfgang Ulaga (Chair); Thomas Ritter (Chair); Ajay Kohli (Presenter); Mark Houston (Presenter); Michael Kleinaltenkamp (Presenter); Wolfgang Ulaga (Presenter)

Advances in Research on Frontline Employees’ Ambidexterity

Youngtak Kim (Chair); Werner Reinartz (Presenter); Michel Van der Borgh (Presenter); Youngtak Kim (Presenter)

Perspectives on Theories in Use

Valarie Zeithaml (Presenter); Bernie Jaworski (Presenter); Ajay Kohli (Presenter); Wolfgang Ulaga (Presenter); Kapil Tuli (Presenter) Panellists

The Future is Here: The Role of AI, Robots, and Humans in the Modern Service Economy

Martin Mende (Chair); Ming-Hui Huang (Presenter); Roland Rust (Presenter); Vojislav Maksimovic (Presenter); Stephanie Noble (Presenter); Helen Chun (Presenter); Mike Giebelhausen (Presenter); Stacey Robinson (Presenter); Maura Scott (Presenter); Jenny van Doorn (Presenter); Ilana Shanks (Presenter); Dhruv Grewal (Presenter)