AAEAAQAAAAAAAAT9AAAAJGY0NDM5MDM0LWViYzItNGFmMC1iODhiLWU2NzM1MDQ0ZTliYgThe new totally revised 8th edition of Services Marketing by Wirtz/Lovelock is out.

Contents: Creating and marketing value in today’s increasingly service and knowledge-intensive economy requires an understanding of the powerful design and packaging of ‘intangible’ benefits and products, high-quality service operations and customer information management processes, motivated and competent front-line employees, a loyal and profitable customer base, and the development and implementation of a coherent service strategy to transform these assets into improved business performance. This book provides the tools and insights to do this and is targeted at readers who want a wider managerial view of services marketing and management.

Key features: A strong managerial perspective, yet it is rooted in solid academic research; an overall organizing framework for the entire book and one for each chapter; succinct chapter summaries in bullet points; reprinted or access to 32 teaching cases (incl five HBS case studies); full color print; attractively priced paperback version that is also available in the US; low-priced e-book rental version will be released shortly.

Download:  Table of Contents, Sample Chapter & Sample Case

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Desk review copy: If you are an academic and would like to receive a desk review copy, please contact me using your university email address with your address line and link to your university URL.  You can contact me at jochen@nus.edu.sg or the publisher at wychin@wspc.com

Now in its 8th edition, this text has sold some 800,000 copies globally in all its versions. Translations and/or adaptations are available for key countries in the Americas (incl. Brazil, Canada and Mexico), Europe (incl. France, Italy, Macedonia, Portugal, Russia, Spain, The Netherlands), Asia (incl. China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan), and Australia/New Zealand.