L2R: Jochen Wirtz, Thomas Dotzel, Leonard L. Berry, Werner Kunz

L2R: Jochen Wirtz, Thomas Dotzel, Leonard L. Berry, Werner Kunz

The “AMA Best Services Article Award” is presented annually by SERVSIG to the author(s) of the best article in the services literature published during the previous calendar year (i.e. 2013). The SERVSIG thanks this years committee members for their commitment and their work:

Chair: Jochen Wirtz (NUS), Chris Lin (NTU), Irene Ng (Warwick), Sven Tuzovic (Pacific Lutheran), Rod Brodie (Univ. Auckland)

Based on the proposals from the community and a defined procedure the award committees chose the winning article. The past years winners can be checked out here

SERVSIG’s Best Services Article Award for 2013

Thomas Dotzel, Venkatesh Shankar, & Leonard L. Berry (2013), “Service Innovativeness and Firm Value”, Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 50, No. 2, 259-276.

Runners-up for the Best Services Article Award:

  • Nancy V. Wünderlich, Florian v. Wangenheim, & Mary Jo Bitner (2013). High Tech and High Touch: A Framework for Understanding User Attitudes and Behaviors Related to Smart Interactive Services. Journal of Service Research, 16(3), pp. 3-20.
  • Nancy J. Sirianni, Mary Jo Bitner, Stephen W. Brown, & Naomi Mandel (2013), “Branded Service Encounters: Strategically Aligning Employee Behavior with the Brand Positioning”, Journal of Marketing, Vol 77,


  • General topics may include (but are not limited to) services marketing and services management. The article should have appeared in an English language refereed journal during 2013.
  • Candidates for a SERVSIG Award do not have to be a member of SERVSIG or the AMA to be eligible or to win.
  • Candidates may be from anywhere in the world. From the beginning, SERVSIG has sought to be globally oriented and globally active.
  • Candidates for the awards do not have to be academics. SERVSIG recognizes the vital link between academe and business practice.