I would like to invite you to organize and serve as a session chair for the Service Science cluster at the 2018 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona November 4-7, 2018.

This year the Service Science cluster features IBM sponsored best student paper awards, best cluster paper awards, and service analytics awards. Cash, certificates, and plaques will be awarded to winners. All papers presented in our cluster will have the opportunity to enter the award competition. Details about the awards will be announced later.

The Service Science cluster covers existing and emerging topics in the field. A session chair’s duty is to organize a 90-minute session with 4 presentations. If you are interested in serving as a session chair for the Service Science cluster, please email Ming-Hui Huang (huangmh@ntu.edu.tw) with your proposed session title by March 11, 2018.

Ming-Hui Huang (huangmh@ntu.edu.tw)

Distinguished Professor of Electronic Commerce at National Taiwan University