Special Issue of the Journal of Creating Value

Role of Technology and AI on Value Creation/Destruction

Deadline: May 2018

Guest Editors: Cristina Mele, Doug McDavid

The Journal of Creating Value will run a special issue for November 2018,
based on articles by technology professionals and academics on the Role of
Technology and AI on Value Creation/Destruction.

Some ideas for potential sub-topics:

  • Technology and value creation in healthcare services
  • Technology and value creation in education
  • The dark side of technology for value creation
  • Technological disruption and value destruction
  • The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for value creation
  • The role of social media in creating/destroying value
  • Value Creation/destruction in Society through technology

Submission details

Prior to submission, the contributors are strongly recommended to go through the
Manuscript Submission guidelines and then log in to the following link:


and submit their articles online by May 2018.

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