Emerald is delighted to announce that a virtual special issue of the JSTP on transformative service research and customer-provider wellbeing is available to access free, from today for one month until November 27, 2017.

The Journal of Service Theory and Practice (JSTP) aims to publish research in the field of service management that not only makes a theoretical contribution to the service literature, but also scrutinizes and helps improve industry practices by offering specific recommendations and action plans to practitioners. Recognizing the importance of the service sector across the globe, the journal encourages submissions from around the world. JSTP (formerly titled Managing Service Quality) gives prominence to research based on real-world data, be it quantitative or qualitative. The journal also encourages the submission of strong conceptual and theoretical papers that make a substantive contribution to the scholarly literature in service management. www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/jstp.htm

JSTP Editors Chatura Ranaweera and Marianna Sigala note:

“Transformative service research (TSR) is now recognized as an important research domain in the service field. There have been several calls for further research, as well as numerous recent special issues focusing on this topic. This is based on the premise that there are critical underrepresented issues in the field of service; issues emanating from economic disparities, lack of access to essential services such as healthcare and education, racial and ethnic discrimination during service interactions, systemic bias against minorities, as well as lack of adequate emphasis on the wellbeing and self-development of actors engaged in service interactions. Scholars have taken these calls into account and investigated a number of interesting topics related to the above topics from multiple disciplines and perspectives, including international and multidisciplinary. This collection of papers published in the Journal of Service Theory and Practice provides an example of such research. We hope that this virtual special issue can be a useful reference as well as a guide for future research, for scholars interested in this area of research.”

Virtual Special Issue

Stigmatized service workers in crisis: mitigating the effects of negative media
Simon J. Pervan, Liliana L. Bove


Factors influencing back pain treatment behaviour change
Hoda McClymont, Jeff Gow, Margee Hume, Chad Perry


Improving customer well-being through two-way online social support
Qiuying Zheng, Tang Yao, Xiucheng Fan


Understanding the impact of internal marketing practices on both employees’ and managers’ organizational commitment in elderly care homes
Guillermo Bermúdez-González, Innan Sasaki, Dolores Tous-Zamora


Ethnic stereotyping in service provision: when do stereotypes affect the performance expectations and evaluation of ethnic service providers?
Tripat Gill, Hae Joo Kim, Chatura Ranaweera


Service with a conscience: moral dilemmas in customer service roles
Dana Yagil, Tamar Shultz


Co-designing services with vulnerable consumers
Timo Dietrich, Jakob Trischler, Lisa Schuster, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele


Patient participatory behaviours in healthcare service delivery: self-determination theory (SDT) perspective
Kofi Osei-Frimpong


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