The Chair of Technology Marketing (Prof. F. von Wangenheim) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) invites applications for a Post-Doctoral position.

In general we are open for a candidate who does his research in various areas. However, we prefer a person who is specifically interested in dealing with the topic on: “How does technology change the way how providers and customers interact?” The chair has done research on remote services and self- services, multi-channel management and data driven services and marketing. We currently extend this to investigate how interaction via smart-phones, apps and chatbots affect customer-client relationships, in different contexts (e.g., health care, insurance). Our group also has a track record in digital and online marketing and data driven CRM.

The focus of the position is research, aiming at publications in international journals. Collaboration with doctoral students are not a requirement, but the possibility exists and is encouraged.

ETH Zurich offers two-year contracts at competitive salary levels, renewable up to a maximum of six years. The position is well suited for a research-focused individual who would either stay for around two years or then apply for assistant/associate professorships, but there is also the possibility of a maximum stay for six years. Such positions are also sometimes taken by people that are a bit further (4+ years after doctorate) and want to focus on “getting things out”. Suitable PhDs. for the position could be on marketing, psychology, management of information systems, and other areas with some relation to our core topics.

The chair is very well positioned to work with companies within and outside of Switzerland, and has more contacts and opportunities than can currently be handled. Furthermore travel and research funds are available. ETH Zurich has a fantastic infrastructure and offers world-class opportunities to collaborate beyond marketing or management.

Applicants should have a relevant PhD, or be close to finishing their PhD. The position includes teaching one course per year (e.g., electives for master students and/or PhD courses, where one course is 90 minutes of teaching/week in English).

The starting date is flexible. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.
Interested candidates can contact the head of the chair directly at:
Please send your complete application which should include a CV, a research paper and two or three reference letters.

Salary information for post-docs at ETH can be obtained at: contract-and-salary/salary.html