Special Issue of the Service Industries Journal

Consumer Engagement in the Tourism Industry: New Trends and Implications for Research

Deadline: abstract Dec 1, 2017; June 30, 2018.

Guest Editors: Babak Taheri, Sameer Hosany

With the rapid changes in the micro and macro environment, tourism sites are becoming interactive public consumption spaces in which tourists pursue more pleasant, engaging and transformative activities, often encompassing temporary modes of being. The concept of engagement has been studied in various academic disciplines such as sociology (civic engagement), psychology (task engagement), marketing (customer engagement), and organizational behaviour (employee engagement) (Brodie et al., 2011; Taheri et al., 2014). Engagement is commonly defined as “a state of being involved with and committed to a specific market offering” (Taheri et al., 2014, p.322). Tourism is a place for interaction and the tourist engages with places and cultures of destination(s), but also creates value-in-use through their experiences in places/destinations (Ingram et al., 2017). Within tourism studies, tourists’ engagement can be influenced by various factors such as perceptions of authenticity, types of motivation, prior knowledge, cultural capital and desire for social interaction among others. Previous research also indicate positive consequences of tourist’s engagement such as satisfaction, loyalty, commitment, behavioural intentions and memorable tourism experience (e.g., Taheri et al., 2014; Bryce et al., 2015; Ingram et al., 2017). However, given its relative recency, empirical studies to assess the level of engagement while actually experiencing tourism places/destinations are limited. Furthermore, we echo the recent call on advancing customer engagement and its distinction from other concepts such as service dominant logic (Jaakkola & Alexander, 2014; Hollebeek et al., 2017; Venkatesan, 2017; Pansari & Kumar, 2017; Taheri et al., 2017) in different settings within tourism industry. With this in mind, the special issue welcome submissions that address the role of engagement in tourism industry.

This special issue of The Service Industries Journal solicits contributions that address both conceptual and empirical research on consumer (tourist) engagement. We invite contributions from academics across various disciplines, such as Business, Tourism, and Social Sciences, to this special issue that help fill this lacuna, and in particular on the following topics (but not limited):

  • Toward a theory of consumer engagement in tourism
  • Tourist engagement: the concept, antecedents, and consequences
  • Consumer engagement vs. consumer experience management
  • Smart tourism and tourist engagement
  • Tangible and intangible benefits of tourist engagement
  • Critical issues in tourist engagement research
  • Toward a measurement of tourist engagement
  • The role of tourist engagement in co-creation of value
  • Online vs. offline tourist engagement
  • Social media and tourist engagement
  • Tourist engagement in new product development
  • Service design and engagement for tourism service-centric services
  • e-lienation and tourist engagement

The special issue editors would encourage a range of methodological approaches, these could include but are not limited to: surveys and interviews; textual analysis; mixed approaches including archaeological and architectural research; documentary and archival; anthropological; big data analysis; historical or geographical; and case study. The special issue editors are interested in receiving submissions covering broad spectrums of time and place and approaching the subject of consumer engagement in the tourism industry from distinctive perspectives. There are no exclusions other than that papers should be original research.

Submission Instructions

Researchers are invited to indicate their interest in contributing to this special issue by sending a 300-word abstract of their proposed paper by Dec, 1 2017 to Dr Babak Taheri.

This special issue will also be supported by a workshop on ‘consumer engagement in the tourism industry’ supported by the Academy of Marketing: Tourism Marketing Special Interest Group (SIG) to be held in UK in year 2017.

The deadline for full paper submission is June, 30 2018 for standard peer review.

Full Instructions for Authors are available for more detailed submissions instructions.

Publication for this special issue is XXXX. We look forward to recieving your manuscript!

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