47th EMAC Annual Conference

Deadline: 5th December 2017

The Department of Marketing, Strathclyde Business School is one of the oldest and largest marketing departments in Europe. It has a reputation for impactful research benefiting a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including students, practitioners and policy makers. The department is proud to be home to a vibrant community of researchers who work collaboratively to generate internationally excellent research within and across key areas of marketing discipline.

In creating our theme we were inspired by Glasgow’s recognition of the role of people as being at the heart of any city and its ‘People Make Glasgow’ brand. By making the theme of EMAC 2018 “People Make Marketing” we not only tie our conference to its location but reflect the focus of our department on people who are committed to engaging in cutting-edge research, which can result in tangible benefits for education, business and the wider society. The conference theme highlights the role of people who make rigorous marketing research relevant in an increasingly dynamic and digitalised world. EMAC 2018 provides an opportunity to discuss how people and their research shape the marketing discipline now and prospects for impacting the discipline in the future. We look forward to welcoming you to Glasgow to explore how people make marketing creative and analytical, how people make marketing impactful and relevant, how people make marketing innovative and digital and how people make marketing global.

The European Marketing Academy (EMAC), and the University of Strathclyde invite especially submissions to the Services Marketing Track of the EMAC 2018 Annual Conference scheduled on May 29-June 1, 2018 in Glasgow, Scotland.  See http://www.emac-2018.org/

Services Marketing
Prof Alan Wilson, University of Strathclyde
Prof Martina González-Gallarza, University of Valencia

Deadline for papers:
5th December 2017

Please also consider registering as a paper reviewer for EMAC 2018 services marketing track at http://emac2018.eiasm.org/r/register-as-a-reviewer

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